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Creating your business 2.0

Having a website is no longer optional in today's online world. UpNorth demands perfection when it comes to our client's websites. Our designs are simple, clean, and boost conversion rates through the roof.

In today's tech-savvy market, nearly all companies are online. UpNorth will ensure your brand outranks the competition. UpNorth looks at the whole picture. We prime your code and content to rip past others in Google rankings, outshine their on-site layouts and drive more leads than you ever thought possible!


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Web Design Services


Simple. Clean. Useable.

Whether funnelling visitors for your latest lead generation campaign or increasing e-commerce sales, UpNorth designers and programmers are user experience all-stars.

ROI Taken Seriously

Return on Investment is why the UpNorth Agency focuses on building clean, minimalist websites designed to do one thing...convert.


Organic Google Traffic

UpNorth Knows a thing or two about Search Engine Optimization. Heck, our own blog consistently returns the top three hits on Google's first page.

Over 10 Years of Search Experience

Our SEO specialists are hands down the best in the industry. UpNorth has it all from SEO design and programming experts Getting your website to page one to our analytics researchers constantly keeping ahead of the industry search engine algorithms to keep your site there


Mobile Design

Elegant On Every Platform

Never again worry that your site will become outdated and unusable on different devices. UpNorth takes pride in developing fully responsive web applications that look great on any browser, device, or platform.

Stay Ahead of your Competition

While your competitors lose sales due to their non-mobile websites, UpNorth takes on the challenge of pouring over analytics data, tightening mobile conversion funnels and adapting to every last change the internet can throw at us to make you more profitable.