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Online marketing is the lifeblood to the success of any business. Partnering with UpNorth is like turning on a faucet that just won't stop. Our leads, increases in traffic and rankings growth will bring your business to the next level.

UpNorth uses a combination of paid, organic, social and guerilla techniques to create a huge amount of success online. Double your revenue this year. Call UpNorth!

Organic Search
Paid Social Outreach
Re-targeting Campaigns
Guerilla Marketing

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Online Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

Dominate Google

We help build the content and links to get your business to #1 in Google. We analyze on-site, off-site and overall SEO to help your business thrive online.

Find Untapped Keywords

We research keywords your customers are searching and build content curated to rank #1 for those terms. From informational keywords to buyers intent we have you covered.

Paid Advertising

Positive ROI Campaigns

UpNorth's intensive research methods allow us to find the best paid sources of traffic for your website. We test different graphics, headlines and text to insure your ads convert to sales.

Track from Click to Sale

At UpNorth we don't just target customers, we profile them. Every client is at a different step in the online marketing process. UpNorth will turn visitors to leads and leads to sales.

Local Marketing

Reach Position #1 in your Industry

UpNorth's cutting-edge Lead Flow 2.0 software will deliver leads instantly to your sales team. We bring you organic leads that have an 80% close rate.

Grow Reviews & Trust

UpNorth is a dominant force online. We will step your online game up and bring the hottest leads straight to you!